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Hello boys and girls, more crap happening to me, so I figured I'd share my story again.

The day didn't exaclty start out as any other day, a strange sensation was vibrating along my back. Too tired to register exaclty what it was, I figured it was just some pain from sleeping poorly. So I twisted and turned to find a more comfortable and most notably, a painless position. However, I flung up as a sharp pain electrified through my body, as if I had elephants dancing in my lower intenstine, leaving me wide awake. As if my body was telling me "Good morning, welcome to pain".

I stood up, almost crashing into the nearby wall, extreme pain vibrating consistently on the lower left side of my body. Dizzy from awakening suddenly, I attempted to retain my balance and staggered out of my room, tripped a little to the left and into the closest bathroom to exhale the stomache contents. Granted, I had nothing there but water, but out it went anyway. Not just once or twice, mind you, but seven consecutive times. With short pauses as I drank more water.

Now realizing I had thrown up at least seven times, I thought of the genius idea of eating bread. Granted, I had just woken up in pitch black darkness, I still hadn't completely exited out of the fog at that point, the clock telling me that it was four in the morning, so I wasn't exactly thinking clearly. I downed it with a couple glasses of water, the pain not giving in the least. I had breather for good ten minutes and then It was back to the bathroom for another round.

Now having awakened somewhat, I figured I needed to ease the pain in some other way. So I tripped down the stairs, regained my balance, went to the right, opened a door and spent the next two hours in the coldest possible shower imaginable, trying to stop feeling the pain. But it merely dulled it and decreased it for the duration was in there. Once exiting the showers, the pain returned with a vengeance.

By now a little of the ruckus had awakened my parents. My mom was at her feet rather quickly and had started her daily routine, coffee brewing in a machine nearby. My little brother had also awakened and was running around with his daily routine before he turned down the stairs, out the door and then went to his job. My dad however, was dead asleep and bothering him at this time generally meant that you had more success awakening the dead. My mom had now noticed that I was in pain, mostly because I was spinning on the floor as if I was making an air guitar solo, just with my hand touching my side and groaning severely in pain and trying to breathe in a manner that hurt less.

Soon enough, I went to the my dad and asked him for a ride to a hospital. After a rough twenty or so of waking up and whatnot, my dad was at the front of his car, my mom to the right and I at the back. As we zoomed past the city landscapes, each bump felt like I was punched in the stomache, with my pants unbuttoned to at least minimize pressure.

After a brief ride we arrived at a Hospital. It was the closest one that was decent, so we figured it was a safe bet. Once we had been dropped off, my dad continued off to work, while my mom stayed behind as support. We went to the emergency ward, the automatic doors slid open and we walked inside. There were like 7 people in there, some with a cast around a foot, others merely had worried expressions on their faces. I turned around and tried to lie down, best way I could using a table and a chair. We were apparently forced to take note and stand in line, despite it being an emergency ward. A man had earlier walked by and apparently cut his hand something fierce, with a bloody cloth around his arm. I walked up to the receptionist and asked for help. She stubbornly insisted that she needed to write about the previous person she had taken care of into some kind of journal system. Could possibly been her personal journal, either way it took a long time. After about another ten mintues of gutwrenching pain, I staggered outside and threw up once more.

Then it dawned upon the receptionist that maybe the emergency ward was for emergencies. We once more went back to receptionist desk and requested help. The receptionist still hadn't changed her expression, which looked like the lovechild mixture of a bimbo, a bitch and bitter accountant. Basically, she looked more like she cared more for how her nails looked, rather than if people lived or died. She asked a lot of stupid questions such as "Do you feel sick?" to which my reply was rather obvious. "Yes, obviously, since I threw up a second ago." she then continued "I'd like to see your I'd". I then slammed my wallet on the table and said "Knock yourself out" before turning around to throw up at the nearest toilet once more. After some time, she had entered us into the system and then she asked us to sit down again and wait for doctors.

I obviously asked her when they would come, to which her reply was "soon."
Ten minutes passed. I was getting a little annoyed. Another five passed, I got to my feet again, and asked again, to which her reply was still "soon."

Finally, after about another ten minutes, two nurses came and directed us to a room. I was asked a couple routine questions after which they said something that annoyed me more than ever. "We don't have surgeons at this hospital, nor people with skills to deal with your issue. You need to go to another hospital, there is a better one nearby." My mom was a little worried about how we was going to get there and asked and they stated that they could probably arrange for transport. However, we were asked for a doctor to give a quick checkup to speed it up at the next place. They exited the room and a half an hour later a doctor arrived, asked us ten questions and then showed us out back into the waiting hall, telling us that a taxi had been called and would arrive in another 20 minutes.

Finally, the taxi, driven by a man with an immigrant decent and accent, pulled up to the side of the hospital, having just picked up another patient on the way. As we drove to the hospital, I complained about the previous hospital and the driver spoke of his own terrible experiences with hospitals, once he had apparently cut himself and went to a hospital, but after a few hours had apparently gone home and disenfected the wound with alcohol instead. I'm not sure if the story was meant as a dristaction or an agreement, but I suppose it worked, since we arrived at the next one shortly after his story was complete.

Now, we were at the second hosptial. It was far larger than the first, of a very depressing bricky design, although slightly modern inside. We moved past two sliding doors and went right ahead. As we saw two doctors approaching another set of sliding doors, my mom waved with an envelope given to us by the previous doctor, detailing her analysis of my pain.

Upon seeing us, the doctors turned 180 degrees and walked into the opposite direction, away from us. I scratched my head and wondered what was going on and tried to lie down best way possible using a couple of chairs while my mom still stood and waited by the sliding doors that wouldn't open, confused. Soon, after about ten minutes, they slid up and we walked inside.

My mom grabbed a nearby doctor and we finally got some attention. The doctor asked me to lie down, yanked one of those blood extraction thingies into my elbow and then wheeled me off, while my mom followed, into a room.

Shortly another doctor came in and asked questions, such as when I last pooped or where it hurt. He also requested a urine sample, but after being told that everything I downed I threw up, he instead hung up a bag of water and attached to the thing in my elbow. About 15 minutes later tried to go the nearest toilet dragging the thing that the water thing was hanging onto, only to squeeze out a liquid in a plastic mug.

Squeezing went fine, but the urine had the color of earl gray tea; with a strong brownish tint. I obviously raised an eyebrow and told myself "WHAT. This-this is not good."

I staggered towards the sink to wash my hands while my mom delivered the urine sample and then we went back to the room. An hour passed. The previous doctor arrived to the room, accompanied with an older more experienced doctor and a young woman which I suppose was just being used to the place. I as a patient was apparently the tool of education for her, which felt a little weird. Nevertheless, I answered their questions and they pressed on places and asked if it hurt, to try and figure out where the issue was. After about twenty minute of examination they had a working theory but stated I needed to get an X-ray to make sure.

Then another half hour, finally a nurse brought us out of the room, walked about 10 meters and then left us in the hall. By now, I was not just in deep pain, but annoyed about the fact that I couldn't really

       bend my left arm now. So I asked if it was possible to get that thing out of my arm. Apparently the nurse misunderstood me completely and just wrapped that place with bandages so that it could not be seen anymore and then simply left.

Two hours passed. Nothing happened. My mom went to a vending machine to get herself something to eat. I tried to sleep, didn't work. Another two hours passed. By now we had been informed what was going on. Apparently a lot of people had crashed with their cars and thus their emergency priortiy was higher than us so we had to wait. Another hour passed. Some relatives had been calling and my dad called and was wondering if we needed transport back, but was told by my mom that we hadn't gotten the x-ray yet. Another hour passed. Right now, the time was roughly 19:00. Another half an hour passed and finally a guy wheeled my off for a scan.

After going through elevators we finally arrived outside of the room where the x-ray was. A large white metallic looking thing, like a science donut. I took off my pants, lied down and it slid me back and forth through the machine as it told me to either hold my breath or breathe normally. Once done, I was told to lie down again and they wheeled me off again. Apparently another round of people had crashed. At that point I wasn't sure what was happening in traffic, but because of this, we were told to wait another two hours for the results. After about an hour had passed we were wheeled into a room.

I tried to sleep as another hour passed. Nurses were running around the place and doing all manner of things. For example. I turned my head to see a nurse collecting garbage in the room I was in before running out. Inside the room was boring. I'd look up the ceiling, move the fingers on my left hand and using my right hand, move the left arm around to ensure it wouldn't get numb, I still didn't like bending my arm with that thing stuck in it. My mom was starting to get restless, however, another hour still passed. Then finally a doctor arrived in the room with the results. Kidney stone, apparently.

He pointed out what medicine I needed and then left the room to write the prescription, to get from a local pharmacy.  However, at this point, it was 21:00. The pharmacies were closed at this hour, so we asked for one dose each of the medicine needed to allow me to sleep during the night. A nurse finally got that thing out of my arm just after. Ten minutes later they managed to get what I needed. We walked down to the waiting room and called a taxi. Twenty minutes later, one arrived by the hospital and drove us home as we chatted with the taxi driver as some occassional lights lit up the darkness from the occasional lamp post, the city lanscape disapearing behind us. Finally we were home and it was the most expensive taxi to date. Nevertheless, we were home. I struggled to open the plastic containers with the medicine but finally, I got it open, managed to take it and my pain finally started to subside ending a 12 hour long misery.

Anyhow, Hurray for me, I'm not dead.

That's all from me.

  • Listening to: Deep Purple: Smoke on the water
  • Reading: I'm dubblechecking so I spell right. But that's it
  • Watching: The computer screen
  • Drinking: Water, so many liters of water.


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Christofer Laurell

I've been assigned a cleaning duty to the DoomsdayNow Group. So I'll be reviewing stuff and making sure it qualifies as actual apocalyptic art. Seriously, a gas mask and a sad smile doesn't necessarily have to qualify as apocalyptic art. It looks more like it's some kind of gas mask fetish, looks even more so when you point out the fact that the person in question is naked.

That's all for me.

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